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Škola Crew

Škola Crew has been active as a classical music group since December 2015.

In September 2016, we started collaborating with the Scriabin Museum, which has a technology-equipped multimedia concert hall. We began our trailblazing multimedia experiments, which led to establishing our own path in classical music.


In February 2017, we came up with a show we called “Britain”, which combined classical music and visual art with an educational twist.




We are classical musicians and professional artists.
We’ve graduated the Moscow Conservatoire, the Maimonid State Classical Academy, the Rodchenko multimedia school and the Gerasimov institute of Cinematography.

Lidia Kalmykova
Was born in 1986  in Moscow, Russia. In 2003 she graduated the the Moscow Aviation Institute. Where she got a Master's Degree in management.

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